Building skills

Building skills in synthesis & policy engagement 

STEP 1: Group peer-review. Reviewing a body of program results to assess unique aspects of expertise and learning that can be synthesized and proposed for wider use.
STEP 2: Compiling a body of evidence. A team of science and synthesis specialists works with the program team. In this workshop format, project leaders critically review their work, addressing the question: ‘what aspects of my project have a high potential for scaling-up, and who else can benefit from what we have learned?  
STEP 3: Creating policy and technology packages. Synthesis of findings into information products and tools used to engage with specific groups. Technology and policy packages are developed that present evidence and address issues such as constraints to adoption of program results and recommendations. The core synthesis package is produced on the spot and ready at the end of the session (typically one week). More detailed policy relevant synthesis reports (e.g. White Paper format) for investors and national policy makers are produced shortly after the session. An engagement plan to promote program results is agreed.  
STEP 4: Getting results into use – planning policy engagement that encourages action.  Mapping influence paths and defining decision makers and key users to be informed and influenced.