Live review & synthesis

Live review & synthesis of program results 

A one-week session that brings together project leaders to share results, asking the question: 'What innovations have emerged from your work that can be scaled-up to benefit other countries and regions?'
A rapid review, synthesis and publishing process. This is an ideal approach to capture and share learning from a body of results from a technical assistance or research program.
Results: Creation of targeted products that will inform and influence specific user groups, typically decision makers, investors or other users, and an engagement process with key potential users. These can be web or published material, and audiovisual. 
Before: Preparation/coaching of each project leader before the meeting to ensure common focus of all results presentations. Ensure that they focus on the key question, not a project summary.
During: Each individual presentation is a ‘live peer review’ of that intervention by an expert group (for example: socio-economists, research subject specialists, and communication professionals). 
Synthesis of results: After the presentations, project leaders and editors work to create a finished synthesis product in an agreed format (for example: two-page summary). This is followed by: 
Packaging and layout/diagrams, etc. of the results into a finished product.
Review and validation of final synthesis products by the group.
Include others not directly involved in the project that can benefit from the results (for example: partners from other countries). 
At the end of the session the group presents a portfolio of results to a group of decision makers in a higher-level dialogue.
Global launch and promotion in a rolling campaign over several months (for example: vigorous targeted e-mail and social media campaigns, country seminary and presentations of results and benefits, and high level dialogues between management and senior decision makers).