Your challenge of moving program expertise into action 

As the leader of an international program for technical assistance, development, or research, this picture may be familiar:
We delivered innovative results but they’re locked in reports and technical publications and not really useful or accessible to a wider group.  
There’s no plan for scaling-up results or transforming them into materials that others can use.   
Our project is closed, with no further action to identify users and disseminate our findings. 
We’ve talked a lot about ‘knowledge sharing,’ ‘learning,’ and ‘best practices,’ but no one seems to have a practical idea of how to make this work. How do we extract learning from our program and turn it into useful tools and products that someone can use?
We’ve had good media coverage of our success stories. But what next? If people ask us for more information or advice, we have no ‘products’ or ‘tools’ to give them to solve their problems. 
The closing workshop was well received. But that’s it. There’s no plan to share the useful findings with others beyond the program.
Our program holds a wealth of useful knowledge. How do we make it relevant to others? And who are the people who can use it?
We’ve published excellent technical work. But how do we make it useful and understandable for decision makers, investors, or other partners who can use it?  
We are sitting on a body of work done over several years. There must be a way to make it more useful.  
If you’re concerned with these issues and think that your past work and know-how can be made more useful, we agree.
We know that your program results hold rich know-how and expertise that can benefit many people beyond the scope of your current programs – decision makers, policy experts, investors, and agencies putting research into action.        
Sci4D offers expertise and insight to help you make this happen. We help you apply new thinking and approaches to make your program more effective. Together, we transform your results into products, services, and tools that help you inform and influence your target audiences. For better outcomes and more impact.    
If you share this view, we’ll be happy to meet you.