Support for International Programs

Getting your results & know-how into use  

Are your program results widely used? Are they influencing the right people – policy makers, development partners, potential investors, and local communities? Are they translated into useful products and services that are scaled-up across countries and regions?
Your program results hold a wealth of useful know-how. Chances are, much of this knowledge is undervalued – as it is unseen and unknown, and locked in program reports and technical documents. Typically, the transfer of program results to policy makers and investors who can benefit stops when the project ends. Know-how is seldom ‘translated’ into products, tools, or services designed for wider use.     
The opportunity: Putting your know-how into the hands of policy makers and investors 
Sci4D helps you improve the value and relevance of your results by working with your program teams to help synthesize and promote results for scaling-up in other countries and regions.  
Sci4D works with you to distill your know-how into action plans to:
Engage and influence policy makers and investors
Educate and inform communities and local organizations with approaches they can use
Provide national development agencies with new technologies and solutions   
Capture program, expertise, knowledge, and lessons for wider use.