Strategic advice to get your results into use

Friday, April 7, 2017

Strategic advice to get your results & know-how into use

Opening access to expertise from development and research programs
Sci4D helps get your results and expertise into wider use – by country decision makers, development agencies, investors and local actors.   
Most programs have plans to promote their work in progress. Few have strategies and action plans to capture their expertise, and translate it into products and services that benefit populations and governments across the developing world. 
To build national skills in research-policy synthesis, translation and promotion
Provide capacity building and mentoring for research management and teams to package and communicate research results, and create effective departments
Promote your research innovations globally for wider use and investment.
Approaches to increase program impact – using synthesis and promotion of learning and results
Practical approaches to increase the effectiveness of research programs and teams – integrating knowledge sharing, strategic communication, and information management.