Live Review & Knowledge Synthesis 1

Live Review & Knowledge Synthesis 1

We have mentored program and research teams in our ‘live review and synthesis’ workshops. These have built the capacity of several hundred professionals worldwide.

This process helps professionals define the benefits of their technical results through a policy maker's and investor's lens – producing new policy and practice tools on the spot.

Support to teams from: Tanzania Commission for Science & Technology; Makerere School of Public Health & Medical School, Uganda; ENRECA Health program, University of Copenhagen; Philippine Council for Health Research and Development; Malaysia Medical Research Council; Viet-Nam School of Public Health & Research Council; Iraq Salinity Initiative; Water resources professionals in Jordan and UAE; national water resources teams from several Middle Eastern countries; UN University Institute of Water, Health & Environment and FloodNet Research Network, Canada.

Partners: Some projects in partnership with UNU-INWEH; ICARDA; COHRED 

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