Support for National Centers

Building skills to move your results into action

Do your program teams have the skills to synthesize results into products and services that policy makers and investors will use to improve growth in your country?  
Challenge: Your national development programs and research centers produce a wealth of results to boost economic growth and quality of life in your country. It’s a fact that many potentially useful solutions remain ‘on the shelf.’ But your innovations need to be presented as products, tools, and services – designed for use by policy makers, investors, or development partners.
Sci4D works with research leaders and management to:
Capture and translate your expertise into tools and products for use by your country’s decision makers, and others.
Craft strategies and action plans for improved knowledge and information management that ensure the widest use of your results nationally and worldwide.
Build the skills of professional staff in science-policy communication, research synthesis, and promotion. 
Put in place systems that capture and translate know-how in your business processes and project cycles.
Strengthen your proposals to include robust action plans for capturing know-how, managing information, synthesis, and promotion of results to decision makers, and for the scaling-up of results. 
Manage information effectively – providing global reach for your results and data.
Sci4D helps you distill your know-how into action plans, that:
Engage and influence decision makers to develop policies and investment plans
Better compete for international funding 
Attract future investment by donors and development partners
Encourage partners to adopt your technologies  
Inform communities on useful approaches they can use
Give technical agencies/NGOs tools to make change on the ground.